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Joyya Support U.S believes every person should have the freedom to live and thrive in a safe community. Founded in 2012, Joyya Support U.S partners with India-based social enterprises who are committed to ending modern day slavery through change from within. We believe every person needs a community to belong to. At Joyya Support U.S, we support and advocate for communities marked by extreme poverty and vulnerability. We recognize that at-risk individuals are resilient; they are fighters on behalf of their families and neighbors. We recognize that the battle to end modern day slavery is massive, and we’re committed to transforming one neighborhood at a time

​Working with partners like Joyya, who employs and invests in 160 employees, we have an opportunity to invest in the lives of real people who are rewriting their stories with grit and determination. Our partners are dual purposed: they provide employment opportunities and social resources to strengthen communities in neighborhoods that would otherwise be overlooked and are vulnerable to exploitation.

​Another way that we fight for freedom is by advocating domestically about the harsh realities of poverty and the oppression of human trafficking. We partner with organizations and local businesses who are committed to spreading the word and raising awareness. We recognize that it would be easy to not think about a world thousands of miles away and are grateful for the organizations, businesses, and individuals who are willing to financially support our mission to transform lives and communities from afar.

​Our heart is for the thousands still seeking a safe, caring community to call home, and the millions more at risk. In supporting Joyya Support U.S, and shopping with our partners, like Joyya, you’re strengthening homes and communities.

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What We Do

Joyya Support U.S partners with social enterprises who offer dignified employment to individuals in India.  We also partner with community-based organizations that offer social services in the form of trauma counselling, child care, literacy and financial education.  We are focused on assisting women who are vulnerable or have escaped human trafficking, and seek like-minded partners in helping us carry out our mission of ending modern day slavery.

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

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