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Spark change!

Joyya givers are passionate about the mission to spark good and transform lives and communities.  Your gift will bring joy and goodness to places where there is little.  We can do this together!  

Mail checks to:

Joyya Support US

2943 Riverside Dr.

Cincinnati, OH. 45215

Get Involved: Get Involved

Joyya Support US Tax-Exempt Information

Joyya Support US is a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to ending human trafficking and modern slavery. Joyya Support US will conduct independent reviews and monitor the use of funds to ensure they are used consistently with Joyya Support US’s charitable purposes.

All contributions are made with the understanding that Joyya Support US has complete control and discretion over the use of donated funds.

This does not constitute legal or financial advice, and we strongly encourage you to seek professional legal and/or financial advice before deciding to donate securities to a charity.

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